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shaping brands: the look, the feel, the voice

-- Pre-launch brand development and marketing strategy, LIVELY ( )

-- Pre-launch brand development and marketing strategy, LIVELY (



working with new-to-market businesses and established brands - we develop, define, shape and create new brands.


Developing a brand means more than having a great product or service - great brands are defined by their storytelling, visual identity and consumer experience. It's here that impressions are formed and made to last.

Working as a partner in the months leading up to the launch of your brand, Breakfast with Alice acts as a one-stop shop to bring together your strategy, creative, content, and marketing.

Nimble creatives and marketers (with just the right amount of scrappiness), we call upon our network - of designers, strategists, copywriters, illustrators, videographers, photographers and beyond - to bring your brand to life. 

Welcome to Breakfast with Alice.
Hope you came hungry.


You: An entrepreneur with a killer concept for a new product or service.

Us: your creative and marketing partner for telling your story, reaching new audiences, and making your business an enviable brand.

-- Brand development, Made Real Vodka

-- Brand development, Made Real Vodka



Brand Positioning
+  Defining core competencies
+  Unique Value
+  Proposition
+  Brand Values
+  Brand Mission
+  Brand Differentiation

Brand Identity
+  Creative Briefing & Direction
+  Brand Tone of Voice
+  Visual Identity
+  Brand Website
+  Promotional Materials Design & Sourcing



Marketing Strategy
+  Ideation
+  Strategy Development
+ Budgeting & Forecasting
+  Seasonal and Annual Marketing Plans
+  Partnership Development

Concept Validation
+  Testing Parameters
+  Focus Groups
+  In-Market Testing
+  Brand Activations
+  Testing Channels
+  Surveying
+  Tracking Results


like a great morning biscuit fresh out of the oven, Breakfast with Alice understands how to build brands from scratch. 

-- Brand development, Quiet Storms ( )

-- Brand development, Quiet Storms (